The True Benefits of Switching to LED Christmas Lights

Let’s face it, the holidays are a time of cheer, giving, and decorating.

Many Phoenix homeowners are busy sprucing up their homes to get into the holiday spirit. And that often means bringing home a tree, hanging wreaths, and bringing out last year’s set of Christmas string lights. If you’re still using those old incandescent Christmas or fairy lights, it’s high time you went for an upgrade.

Today, it’s all about LED Christmas lights. Sure, they’re a bit more expensive than the usual set of fairy lights you’re used to, but they come with several compelling benefits worth considering. Keep reading to learn more.

Better Light Quality

Not only do LED Christmas lights look stunning when switched on, they also give out a better quality of light compared to incandescent string lights. The colors are more vivid, with each individual LED bulb generating a brighter light than any incandescent counterpart. If you want to wow your guests, LEDs are simply the way to go.

Wider Selection of Bulbs

LED Christmas lights come in all kinds of colors and lengths. Some are built for indoor use, while others are specifically designed for outdoor installations and are resistant to rain, heat, and cold.

In terms of color, your standard LED Christmas lights will come in any color temperature you can think of, from warm yellows to bright blues and whites. But you can also pony up for “smart” Christmas lights that can be programmed to display different colors of light.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

One of the main concerns homeowners have when decorating their homes with Christmas lights is the amount of electricity needed to light them up.

With LED fairy lights, you can rest assured that you’re using just a fraction of the power consumed by traditional string lights. Moreover, LED string lights generate very little heat, so much so that each bulb is actually cool to the touch. This means your lighting decorations pose less of a fire hazard to your home.

Extra Features

As mentioned earlier, smart LED Christmas can be programmed to generate different colors of light. But they can also be scheduled to automatically switch on and off at specific times of the day, obey voice commands, and create dazzling light effects matched to music. Sure, these aren’t what you would call necessary features, but they’re still cool to have.

Superior Durability and Safety

Many homeowners often end up buying new Christmas lights every year because they usually burn out by the time the holidays end. This won’t be an issue with LED Christmas lights, which are built to last thanks to their solid-state technology. Some models will last over 20,000 hours, which means they’re rated to last for years when used 8 hours a day.

Bottom line? There’s no reason you should settle for old and inefficient incandescent Christmas lights. LEDs are simply the way to go today.